50 years
of experience

Samymar provides you with qualified staff, to inform you on legal issues and also technical staff.

Samymar S.A. is a company which was founded by Mr. Samuel Martín Treviño in 1954, and we have been operating in the Canary Islands since 1962. We are dedicated to the construction, promotion and sale of properties. At the moment, our main activity is home renting.  All these properties belong to us, such as Residencial Cinco Mares in Puerto Rico, the bungalows in Sonneland and Naves in Arinaga.

Promotion and construction

We have been, since 1960, the very first Spanish company dedicated to the development and promotion of real estate. We started in Bilbao, with the construction and promotion of properties in Baracaldo, Portugalete, Bilbao, etc. After that, the company was established in Gran Canaria, building and promoting in the area of Primero de Mayo at first and later on in the Port area (Area of Mesa y López and its surroundings). 


Simultaneously, we also sell our properties, always with qualified staff, for you to get the best information.

Samymar is a family company who rests upon the values of its founder, Mr. Samuel Martín Treviño, which he put in practice throughout his long professional career. For more than 40 years, the objective of our company has been the satisfaction of our clients, and it continues to be so. That is supported by the many works performed by us, identified by the high finish quality. In 1983, as a result of all what has been said, Samymar was honoured by the Asociación de Empresarios de la Construcción, for its long and commendable history in the field of construction.